Jennifer Kennard over at Letterology makes a find:

A recent visit to Portland Oregon, turned up this 1961 boxed set from Smith Corona which includes an instruction booklet and five recordings for a crash course in touch typing.

The most visually interesting part of this package is the sixties display type on the front cover with the variable size letters and the elongated horizontal arms and stems. This lettering style can be directly traced to the influential work of Saul Bass( 1920-1996) and his groundbreaking 1955 film poster for The Man With the Golden Arm. 

ten day cover

Here’s an excerpt from Lesson 1:


Oh – and it came with three 33-1/3 rpm vinyl discs for verbal reinforcement.

Go see more of the story and photos….

I learned touch typing in seventh grade – required course. Sat in a room with clunky old Remingtons and a teacher that would strike fear into any 13-year-old by simply taking her glasses off and staring you down. Questioning authority would come much much later…

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog…again and again and again…