…and what kind of a mark will you be leaving this weekend?

Jennifer Kennard emphasizes her point:

“If ever there was a most affable character, it is the exclamation mark! It’s no mere line, dot or square, as it can be shapely, ultra-fat, and expressive, all at the same time. Used sparingly, it can make a party out of a dull sentence, and put a period to shame.”

its time album cover It’s Time! is an album by American saxophonist Jackie McLean
recorded in 1964 and released on the Blue Note label.
Designed by Reid Miles, the inventive designer
who showed us all what jazz looked like.

Time is something that has been narrowly focused this week. Amazing that time can be shaped as well as spent and in my case, sometimes a bit too chaotically.

Will be feeding my medical geek this weekend and continuing to dig into Cancer Chronicles. I did pick up Rondstadts’s memoir, Simple Dreams, although the only headway I’ve made so far is thru the photographs. A habit of mine when I pick up biographies. Same as reading the last page of a detective or mystery novel before I begin the book. Serves the same purpose in some odd way.

Spent yesterday morning in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square, leafing thru Slice magazine, and eating a fake bagel and a shmear while waiting to dial into a conference call. I make my office where I can find the available space.

While there I overheard a dark-suited gray-haired gentleman on his cellphone, a salesman about my age, suggesting his caller just text him the information he needed. When he hung up – can I use that term for a cell phone? – I turned to him and said there was a day when I knew where all of the public telephones were. He smiled and said yep, that and a roll of quarters.

And so it goes…