It had been the difficult week that I thought it would be. Physically landing in different places while communicating from one. One thing cell phone technology does is alter the meaning of geography – there is no single  “place” to be since it exists only in the imagination of the caller and the receiver.

The weekend was to be spent on chores. The front of the house needed a serious manicure and some bricks had gotten loose from the front step. A new bucket and trowel was brought in, some mortar mixed then bricks put butter side down. It wasn’t craftsmanship but all was back in reasonable position with seams drawn by a weekend mechanic rather than an experienced artisan.

Later in the afternoon we drove into Huntington for Holly Gordon’s opening at fotofoto. We learned about her decades long love affair with Kodak film and her proof that you don’t need an expensive camera to produce beautiful work. Her images are always a joy and revelation and of course, she is one of the most accessible artists we know. It was good to see her and her work.

We wandered up New York Avenue mixing in with the building crowds for the restaurants that stood wide to an unusually warm autumn evening. It was still early but the bars and counters were already filled and the chaos in the pubs spilling out into the streets. It all just seemed to be where people wanted to be, the sounds of the crowd and the overhead screens adding to the mix. I wondered when I had crossed that line from chaos to a need for more quieter spaces. I was old by need not by appearance.

We crossed over Main Street and passed a surprisingly young saxophonist on the corner playing what sounded like old tv themes and jazz while dipping and reaching to notes and heroes. Up the block was the Book Revue where I picked Malcom Gladwell’s David & Goliath off the shelf as a follow up to his TED talk.  I didn’t realize that the biblical story was also the title of the book but when I had mentioned the video to the Brunette she told me that she had read the review earlier. She has far more patience for critique than I do.

On the way home we talked a bit about the book and some of the revelations the brief passages I read led me to. The reviewers are unforgiving – they accuse Gladwell of cherry-picking his research to prove his analysis. But the connections he made for me were unmistakable. There were insights I gained that didn’t exist before.

Back at  home we reheated some homemade baked ziti and caught up with last week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.

Nucky Thompson is back on top.

Just another ordinary day.