…what will you be putting in front of you this weekend?

albion bookshopThe Albion Beatnik Bookshop
Oxford, England
photo via Imgur

From The Guardian:

The Albion Beatnik is, more in many ways than more famous stores, the centre of Oxford’s literary life. It is certainly the centre of the beating underground heart of Oxford culture. For four years now I’ve run Not the Oxford Literary Festival there, featuring leading figures from the literary margins who don’t get a look in at the regular literary festival. Last November there was a month-long poetry festival, with events every single night featuring everything from local poet-activist Danny Chivers to workshops by Jo Belland the obligatory Bernard O’Donoghue reading. Most nights, in fact, there is something happening there – from regular jazz nights to poetry from the likes of Michael Horovitz (it’s not called the Albion Beatnik for nothing…)

Add this one to my list.

The poster, by the way, is a riff off of Beatrice Warde’s This Is A Printing Office.

This weekend will try to catch up on  the books scattered about in various rooms – I’m badly behind. Keep renewing the ones from the library and stacking the ones I’ve bought by the bed.

The struggle continues…

[h/t to Michael Wade over at Execupundit for the lead-in to the poster…management advice, books, music, and art…what could be bad?]