Brian Michael Murphy dreams of owning a bookstore:

The reality is, of course, that I just really like books; I really like coffee; and I like hanging out in bookstores. I don’t really need to own a bookstore to do these things. This is the point my conversations with myself and with my wife always come back to. But then a couple weeks later, or three months later, or a year later, one of us inevitably says to the other, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to own a bookstore?” And the other, inevitably, responds with an enthusiastic “Yeah!” As if we haven’t already had this conversation at least ten times.

It’s a conversation we’ve also had here. A bookstore with a cafe or possibly a cafe with a bookstore. A place to read, sit, sip, and enjoy turning a page while sitting in the company of others lost in pages and daydreams. Of course that’s not practical – we want them buying not reading. But I think that there needs to be a touch of insanity and a lot of money involved to own a bookstore. I’ve already got the former nailed…still working on the latter.

The plan is that we’d first find the best coffees and teas to serve. And none of those five dollar cupcakes – we’re serving farm baked pies, slices of simple cakes, and baked breads that don’t even need butter to taste sweet.

The stacks would be mixed with old books and new, recently published and out-of-print. We’re talking discovery not just a particular title. We don’t want to hear “I’m looking for…” but rather “Look what I found…”

There would be a children’s section with tyke sized tables and chairs and an adult sized chair in the front for reading hour.

A small display in the corner where The Brunette can collect and sell the jewelry she enjoys – not the heavy gold and silver but the colors and shapes that attract the eye and not the deep pockets.

Still conflicted about screens. The idea is to interact with books and with each other. Not with the ‘net.

The plan continues to develop…

hw_wedding The Housing Works Bookstore…one of my models…
People have gotten married there…wonder if I can talk Junior Brunette into that…
photo © JBM Wedding Photography