…and the Goldstones line up for the annual Pequot Library sale:

To prepare the library for its annual sale, an army of frail-looking, white-haired volunteers wearing lots of plaid (women on the top, men on the bottom) had worked the entire year to sort and classify books that had been donated by the box-load by people from all over the area. During the last two weeks before the sale, the auditorium had been cleared and two enormous tents pitched on the lawn to the right of the building. In addition to procuring coffee machines and coercing baked goods out of their neighbors, the volunteer force had hauled the ninety-five thousand books said to comprise this year’s sale up from the basement and on the dumbwaiter and then spread them out on the long tables that had been set up in each sale area. To repel incursions by overeager book buyers, the local Boy Scout troop had been enlisted to sleep overnight in the tents.

The sale was to run for three days.

The above is excerpted from Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. Written as a sequel to their first book Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World, it’s filled with anecdotes, history, stories, and a bit of humor about the characters both inside and outside the books they find. The book provides the reader some light and love for the often idiosyncratic art of book collecting and the adventures found along the way.

This is my weekend read. What leaves are you planning to turn?

inside dog ears2_flkr Inside DogEars Books, Hoosick NY
photo © Jeff Kopito