…and was the first book you remember? Which one will you open this weekend?

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– Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The Shadow of the Wind

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 6.26.51 AMOn the left she’s reading “The Mummy, The Will And The Crypt,” by John Bellairs.
On the right she’s reading to her son “Ribsy,” by Beverly Cleary.
photo © Ourit Ben-Haim
Underground New York Public Library

About a year or so ago, The Brunette and I had gone to a tag sale where she could wander looking for small pieces of Delftware while I poke around garages and attics trying to construct stories about the people who had lived in the house. But – the first question we always ask when we come thru the door is, “where are the books?”

In this particular house, we ended up in a beautifully finished basement where collections of gym equipment, video games, and a large screen tv were stored. In the far corner were about five cartons of neatly packed children’s books – many of them unread.

I poked and picked but walked away from the rest. Regretted leaving the others behind ever since.

I’ve taken to saving children’s editions that have included illustrated fables and fairy tales to poetry and puzzle books. I’ve given them away to friends and friends’ children with the instruction for them to read out loud, especially to each other. Even offered several to a close friend, a special education teacher who has limited resources in her classroom.

We learn so much by reading, to ourselves and to each other- and by reading to our children and them reading to us…