With all the bread and milk long gone from the shelves, Hercules sailed into town yesterday evening closing down highways and storefronts. #1 Son has promised an early rising to begin clearing away the driveway and walks while I’m dreading setting the example for him to meet. The Brunette doesn’t want me out there but I have to do my duty and put whatever hormones I have left to work. I promised her that I’ll use my specially designed ergonomic shovel and move it in small lifts but she’s not a believer and has already put a photo of her standing with crossed arms on the back door to the garage.

I don’t own a snow blower rationalizing that for the possible one time a year I might need it the economics don’t work. Meanwhile one neighbor, who owns a machine that can only be compared to Smaug, chews all the way the property line and stops while the neighbor on the other side will be cursing the ten cent pin that always busts his snowblower at the beginning of every season.

Time to dig out the boots and layer up. We have new paths to blaze…

snow app

cartoon via Randy Bish