…what will you be cracking open this weekend?

book in a shellbook in a shell
by sarah illenberger

Struggling thru Dancing in Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky. The Brunette likes him – being a Russian poet puts him immediately on her A List.

Also been reading thru the memoir that’s a bit mystery, some historical documentary, and one man’s insight into human love and loss – Levels of Life by Julian Barnes. Worth a read.

Wonderful interivew with Anne Patchett over at NPR about her new essay collection, The Is the Story of a Happy Marriage. Worth a listen. I just put the book on reserve.

Tough couple of weeks here. As a pilot of a jumbo 747 once described his flying experience – long hours of complete boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.

Except those moments of sheer terror have been getting a bit longer these days…

More snow is on the way while we’re still dealing with the souvenirs that Janus has left us. Stay safe out there…