Nicholas Bate checks the conditions:

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via Strategic Edge

We’re not quite done with the souvenirs of Janus and yet another storm moves in from the west. No breaking news alerts, no panic inducing crawls at the bottom of the screen. But the weather reports are something to take as an opinion rather than fact – prior to our last storm they predicted about 2-3 inches. We got 11 here but thankfully it was powder rather than the mortar that breaks backs and machines.

(Exactly who are “they” anyway…seems that “they” always wield a tremendous amount of power in most circumstances. Weather permitting.)

No doubt there will be anxious silence at the market as the shelves empty of bread and milk. Why bread and milk? The day before Janus everyone in our office quickly abandoned their desks at the 5 o’clock bell with one proclaiming that she had to get to the store early to buy bread and milk. I asked her why since she was rabidly anti-gluten and a vegetarian. She didn’t know – it’s what everyone does.

So for now we go with Plan B – with an eye on the radar. There’s always something to do and ways to avoid it…

[h/t to Nicholas for the lead-in…he’s got the style and the graphics…]