The Washington Post helps with Manhattan morning needs

The map above below shows the best coffee shops in Manhattan according to developer Nirmal Banerjee, organized by subway stop. The map reads: “Locations were selected based on equipment, beans, professional and consumer reviews. Greater weight was given to shops which are independently owned, unique, or representative of their neighborhood.”

An app is available…

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tumblr_n0jhqcAOG71qz6f9yo2_r1_500 subwaymap.pdf

I see one Starbuck’s listed up in Harlem. Not exactly an independent but Starbucks is usually the easiest source of supply to find when looking for a spot to nest and work once I’m done meeting with clients. Lately I’ve planted myself at the one on Hudson and King Street west of Soho. Not exactly sure what to call the neighborhood but real estate agents refer to it as West SoHo, Hudson Square or the South Village. The AIA Guide to New York City calls it “The Glass Box District”. Easy to understand once you find yourself leaning back and staring slack jawed at the height of the hotel towers planted where the street level outdoor parking lots once were.

Back in my coffee cart days, the areas along Varick and Hudson from Houston to Canal was populated by sheet-fed and web printers, binderies, die cutters and prep houses.They’ve long been excommunicated by Trinity Church, one of the largest property holders in Manhattan, and many of the mom-and-pops were dissolved or absorbed into the larger vendors that then moved out of NYC. Now the area has been redeveloped, upscaled, and populated with advertising agencies and high end office space with all of the supporting stores for the young and the restless.

I feel like such a tourist…

by Jim Davis