ringo-starr_1962_004Ringo Starr, Liverpool, 1962
[via The Beatles Bible…photo original source unfound]

Nik Cohn writes about the Beatles with a few notes about Ringo:

Big-nosed and dogeyed, he had a look of perpetual bewilderment and said hardly anything: “I haven’t got a smiling mouth or a talking face.” He only bumbled, came on like some pop Harry Langdon and women in millions ached to mother him. In fairness, it has to be said that this was not his fault—he looked that way by nature and couldn’t change.

Every now and then, out of deep silence, he’d emerge with some really classic line. No verbal gymnastics like Lennon, not even a joke—just one flat line, so mumbled and understated as to be almost non-existent.

Really, he summarizes everything that’s best in the English character—stability, tolerance, lack of pretension, humour, a certain built-in cool.

Post-Pax day – I just re-watched part of the 50th anniversary special pointing back to the Ed Sullivan hour that launched The Beatles here in the USA. What has always amazed me is how their music changed – and no matter how many years and decades have passed, how enjoyable it still is.

Sadly,with both George and John gone, only Ringo and Paul were there. The only family that I could clearly identify was Yoko and son Sean. Julian was off in Kenya from what I understand on a humanitarian trip. Didn’t help that there’s been no decrease in the tension between Cynthia Lennon, Julian and Yoko, Sean. Dhani Harrison was there – to look at him is to see George.

Worth seeing again…

What will you be watching this weekend?