…and it’s time to pick out some books…

strand tote 2 From a winning tote bag design
by Randy Dahlk
(backstory here…)

After two library renewals, finally sitting down with One Doctor: Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine. Written by Dr. Brendan Reilly, it’s a first person account of medical mysteries, frustrations, crises, and insights about the medical industry. I’ve always been interested in the view from the other side of the desk and Dr. Reilly’s account is an honest and sincere rendering of how the physician and patient experience is changing including the impact of technology and the greater separation between patients and the human touch.

As a side note, Sherwin B. Nuland, MD, another physician author I’ve read and  followed, passed away at the age of 83 this week. His daughter Amelia Nuland, recalled how he told her he wasn’t ready for death because he loved life.

“He told me, ‘I’m not scared of dying, but I’ve built such a beautiful life, and I’m not ready to leave it,'” she said Tuesday.

An NPR obit is here

Also picked up a copy of Concrete by Thomas Bernhard. It’s a bit of an obscure book and translated from the original German. I asked the The Brunette if she’s heard of him and of course she knew him and the book – although she found his writing a bit “dense”. I am so unworthy.

You can read an excerpt here

Onward to the weekend – lots of book work to be done…