…and let Ringo give you some hints on style…

ringo_nutter2 Tommy Nutter design – 1970’s Savile Row

Remember that Abbey Road cover with the Beatles crossing the road, Paul barefoot and holding a cigarette since he was dead? That was a Tommy Nutter suit. Ringo wearing the same designer and John, dressed in mourning white because Paul was still dead, also had on Nutter. George, being the quiet bad boy, was in denim. A bit of a futurist.

Tommy Nutter and his partner, Edward Sexton, opened their shop on Savile Row in 1969. “We were very influenced by the 1930s and 1940s,” Sexton says. “I think it was about flamboyance and confidence, not being afraid of a bit of colour – but it’s never been about being flashy. Definitely not that.”

Follow the lead. Make the comeback. Show some style.

Onward into the week!

Abbey-Road-Cover-Beatles-05From a few Abbey Road outtakes