…and some Long Island High School students go cold turkey with their tech:

…the unplugging experiment was held at Carle Place High School.

Students in Ms. Melissa Mehling’s English class were studying Ray Bradbury’s dystopian futuristic novel “Fahrenheit 451,” about a bookless, hedonistic and illiterate society distracted and infatuated by mass media.

“I challenged the kids for one week not to use their cellphones and social media,” Mehling said….“I gathered the phones, I wrapped them in paper, and then I wrapped them in duct tape,” 

“At first, a lot of the kids had a hard time; the shakes – as if they were a drug addict,” Mehling said. “By the third day, by Wednesday, they said, ‘You know what? I feel relieved I don’t have my phone;’ especially the girls — they said they were released from drama.”

Among the lessons learned – one student used a house phone for the first time, another re-learned to tell time from an actual clock…

Drama…there’s an app for that?

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by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman