Winter may have finally let go of its grasp in the Northeast. It did take one last lunge when I spent the other morning scraping about a half inch of ice off my car windows while I ran the heater inside. But now, there’s green coming up thru the barrier of fall leaves lazily left in the front garden and swelling buds reaching towards the warmer air on the tips of the maple in the front yard.

There’s work to be done – fresh oil and gas for the engines of spring, wintered leaves gathered up from their huddle in the corners. Broken branches and smaller twigs tied with coarse twine and brought to the curb.

Yesterday I fell asleep in the sun on a chair I hadn’t lay down in for months. How comfortably we return to old routines and familiar places….

bunny-boy Springtime
Normal Rockwell
The Saturday Evening Post, April 1935 cover

[h/t to Biblioklept for the lead in to the artwork…]