pie with iced tea._1995Pie with Iced Tea

still life with water glassStill Life with Water Glass

diner with pink tileDiner with Pink Tile

Ralph Goings, responding in an interview about his photorealistic style towards his paintings:

What I’m about is making paintings, and my camera is one of the tools I use. It’s the artist’s job to take the painting beyond the photograph.

Photographs are not the subject of my paintings. They are the source of visual information … an armature to build the painting on. The painting is made of canvas and wood and organic materials (pigments, glues, solvents, etc.) and exhibits an obvious touch of a human hand. Paints are malleable materials and applied by hand.

If the painting and the photograph were placed side by side one can readily see (I would hope) that, though they both depict the same slice of reality, they are not the same. I guess I might compare it, in my case, to the difference between a musical manuscript (a work of art) and the performance (also a work of art). Perhaps what I’m doing is making one work of art in order to make another. Sounds pretty lofty and highfalutin doesn’t it?

Sounds realistic to me…probably make a fine ice cream soda there too…