good morning panel via Toothpaste for Dinner

Aside from a possible meetup with either Godzilla or The X-Men, I’ve got two books on the board – American Sonnets by Gerald Stern and, in a switch to fiction, The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick.

Quick’s book has been on my list for a time – here’s the intro from the inside flap:

For thirty-eight years, Bartholomew Neil has lived with his mother. When she gets sick and dies, he has no idea how to be on his own. His redheaded grief counselor, Wendy, says he needs to find his flock and leave the nest. But how does a man whose whole life has been grounded in his mom, Saturday Mass, and the library learn how to fly?

Bartholomew thinks he’s found a clue when he discovers a “Free Tibet” letter from Richard Gere hidden in his mother’s underwear drawer. In her final days, Mom called him Richard–there must be a cosmic connection. Believing that the actor is meant to help him, Bartholomew awkwardly starts his new life by writing Richard Gere a series of letters. Jung and the Dalai Lama, philosophy and faith, alien abduction and cat telepathy, the Catholic Church and the mystery of women, are all explored in his soul-baring epistles. But mostly the letters reveal one man’s heartbreakingly earnest attempt to assemble a family of his own.

I like Richard Gere. I’ve always been a fan.

I want his hair…