Maureen Dowd relfects on the passing of NY Time’s editor, Arthur Gelb, and his love of “talented, neurotic, operatic women”:

One morning in 1951, he went to a small midtown hotel to interview “a new personality” handpicked by Colette to star in “Gigi” on Broadway.

“She opened the door and she was in her bathrobe,” he told me, “and she looked a little disheveled, and that was very exciting, and I found my heart pounding a little bit because she was so pretty close up. And she was so intelligent and she had humor and a kind of come-hither way when she talked to a man.”

He peppered her with so many questions, she told him they should finish up over dinner at the Plaza.

When he called Barbara (his wife) to tell her he had to work late interviewing Audrey Hepburn, his irritated bride replied, “You call that work?”

It’s that Brunette thing…I am such a boy…

tumblr_m59b6o4w8j1rrnekqo1_1280Audrey Hepburn reading at her apartment while filming Sabrina
photo by Mark Shaw, 1953
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