…and I’ve been highly distracted…

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(…odd stories oddly told…)

Frustrating trying to find just the energy to read these days. But I’ve got some good incentive to sit down for a few and turn some pages. I’ve already started the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. Overheard the title in a side conversation and decided to take a look. It’s a sweet story about an autistic boy who,while using his highly logical and near comical way of thinking, tries to find out who did away with the neighbor’s dog. Yet, maybe not so surprisingly, he always makes sense of what he – and we – are surrounded with. Certainly does a better job than I do…

Letting Go of the Camera by Brooks Jensen has also been added to the queue. A collection of essays more about the creative life rather than about photography itself. Good to nibble on and think about.

After reading excerpts on Biblioklept, I picked up Europe Central by William T. Vollmann at my local library last night. At nearly 800 pp. – including sources and footnotes – this is going to take some dedication. But I think worth the time from the samples I’ve read both online and in the stacks. A collection of several excerpts along with Turner’s thoughts are posted here

Some good weather coming in, some good friends visiting, a weekend looked forward to.

Onward we all go!