Kevin Larimer interviews Chris Ware:

…a book, if taken care of, communicates so much about its time and writer, from the tiny, crinkly pages of the leather-bound miniatures of the 1880s to the crappy, wood-pulp paperbacks of the 1970s—it shows what our culture values at any given time.

You also don’t have to plug them in…All you need is a working eye and a brain and you’ve got one of the most mysterious interactive experiences ever invented.

To me, having drawings move on the screen or music playing in the background always feels tantamount to introducing car horns and sound effects to classical music, or courtrooms to dramas—if you have to resort to that sort of stuff, something went wrong somewhere.

-The Color and the Shape of Memory
Poets & Writers magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

tumblr_n6xs90Jds21qz56bgo1_1280panel by Tute*

*After spending a good part of the morning searching for the illustrator, best I can come up with is Tutelandia. No idea who “Tute” is…although it seems it’s also the name of a popular card game in Spain. “Tute” is most likely a pen name…so what card is he hiding under?

The panels are all in Spanish…but worth the translation…go read…