Stephen Holden at The New York Times reviews the new Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche film, Words and Pictures:

Jack (Clive Owen), a garrulous, combative and alcoholic poet who has lost his creative mojo, is on the verge of being fired. He is an outspoken champion of the written word and is fearless about voicing a special loathing for social media’s reduction of literacy to tweets and text messages. His rants are witty and impassioned, and the examples he cites of world-changing literary passages convincingly bear out the truth of his conviction that much has been lost in the era of the instant message.

Damn the critics…now I have to see this movie…

Full review here…trailer here…Binoche’s original artwork for the film here

_DSC0836.NEFClive who?

[Thank you Holly for the film tip…]