From a good friend and fine arts photographer Holly Gordon on the often painful process of submitting your work for critique:

quote2Are you showing work to get critical feedback or are you showing work that you want positive response to? Sometimes growth can be a painful process and, if you want your imagery to be the best it can be, then walking on hot coals may be necessary to bring out the best and most of what you do. Brilliance isn’t an easy commodity to come by.

I think as you continue to expose yourself and engage in the sharing and participation in analyzing the work of others you’ll become aware of a lot of things you might not think of or see. If you can put your focus on the image rather than on you, and learn from the critique process rather than take it personally, you will handle it better…

I can separate myself from my work. Because I want my art to be out there and in the world.  I’ve hardened myself to the necessity to take all sorts of rejection and acceptance and not let either push me one way or another.

holly gordonHolly Gordon