…and our new ambassador to Sweden e-mails it in:

When Suzi LeVine took the oath of office on a Kindle, at the end of last month, she must have known that her swearing-in ceremony would attract more attention than what is usually given to the Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. LeVine was not the first American official to take the oath of office using an electronic device. In February, 2013, a group of firefighters from Atlantic City used a Bible app downloaded onto an iPad; at the beginning of this year, a Long Island county executive took his oath in the same way.

In each of the earlier ceremonies, the use of the iPad was impromptu: no one had remembered to bring along a printed copy of the Bible, and an iPad happened to be at hand.

LeVine, on the other hand, decided in advance that she would swear on an e-reader.

Explaining her decision, LeVine acknowledged this appeal. “…I wanted to use a copy that is from the twenty-first century, and that reflects my passion for technology and my hope for the future…”

…she suggested, it “symbolizes the very best of our nation… innovation, entrepreneurship and the voice that each of us has in our democracy.”

We’re doomed.

I’d swear to that but I can’t find my Kindle…

LeVine swears in

[h/t to Andrew Sullivan and crew over at The Dish…]