…and just in case you wanted to know…

no barbecueFound in print edition of  Newsday, 7/7/14

Vacation week is over – in-laws are back at home in North Carolina, #1 Daughter is on her way to the Big Interview and #1 Son left at 4:30 AM to train incoming young and restless athletes. The Brunette and I have headed back to our usual professional destinations although the weekend proved to be a stimulating one having met both photographers and painters in our newly widening circles. The Brunette has a photo up at B.J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, a first for her and a well deserved coming-out for an artist worth waiting for.

Despite the 4th washout up here in the Northeast corridor, we managed to fire up the bar-b several times during the week and weekend. If anyone wants to complain about the weather, I have a few photos on file from our relentlessly long winter I can forward.

So we start new again…as we do every day, yes?

monday morningGarfield
by Jim Davis