Through photography I’ve come to realize that the creative process is based on three stages –




The revelation of any creative idea needs to be fed thru those three stages. Each has its own knowledge base, it’s own learning curve, its own need for depth of work and length of time. Any of those stages can lead to degrees of frustration and resistance and can prevent you from successfully reaching the next.

All of those stages demand determination and most importantly, repetition.

Brooks Jensen, in Letting Go of the Camera, writes:

Define a project and work with intensity and discipline to produce a large number of images. Then edit to a finite, final selection. To repeatedly approach the same subject over and over again, as Weston did with his peppers, is a method more likely to produce significant results than random image-making in search of the elusive greatest hits.

He adds one more thought:

The process and progress are more important than any single image or result.

To learn the work you have to do the work. And although you have to understand the tools you work with and the process you follow either with software, hardware, paints, metal, or stone, that final finished piece is dependent on how much time you’ve put in, and the physical, creative, and intelligent hours you’ve extended.

Curiosity is a necessity. Everywhere is a classroom.

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Nadine Le Prince