Ralph Goings explains his photorealistic process of moving from the camera to the canvas:

My interest in all of the things I’ve painted has been their visual aura, and in the process of translating the image to paint on canvas, I do things to enhance this. Painting from a photograph serves a similar function as a frame in that it helps to isolate this fragment of reality like a frame does. And the process I use—taking the photograph, projecting it, drawing it, and then painting it—puts four different levels of interpretation between the actuality and the finished painting. During these steps the thing that is out there that was the beginning loses its importance. What’s here in the painting is ultimately what I’m after.

ralph in studio Ralph Goings working in his studio, 1972
photo by Mack Law
from Ralph Goings: Essay/Interview

[Images of Ralph Goings paintings can be found on his site…]