…and the first rule of How to Quit Amazon and Shop in an Actual Bookstore:

In every bookstore, there is a book that is perfect for you, right now, at this exact moment of your life. That book will change you. Your job is to find it. It probably won’t happen right away. When you go to a bookstore, schedule a good half-hour there. You spend half an hour at the barber don’t you? You can spend at least the same amount of time looking over the life’s work of strangers who only want to make something you’ll love.

Quiet weekend with friends and family – might hit up the Westport Fine Arts Festival on Sunday. Don’t have the money to buy but have the time to look and admire good work. Lightening the heart is sometimes often more satisfying than lightening the pocketbook.

Time to get away from the left click and wander…

tomineMissed Connection
by Adrian Tomine
Originally published in the August 24, 2009 issue of The New Yorker

[h/t to Biblioklept for the lead in to the artwork…]