– excerpted from an interview with Dustin Hoffman
in Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire

I had to put down one pen and pick up another. I’m obsessive like that – I can only focus on one project at a time. Juggling is a myth.

And so the quote from Mr. Hoffman. I’m in a completely different landscape.

As needed, I always return to the old tools and connections, spiral notebooks, hand drawn lists, and one phone call at a time. Hearing those old voices are comfort indeed. There’s a reason I’m here.

The New Yorker has taken down its paywalls and opened its archives for the summer – time to dig into some prose, poesy, and short fiction. I’ve got Roberto Bolaño’s Clara and The Insufferable Gaucho ready to read. I’m also in the midst of his book, Last Evenings on Earth, which brought up his name first in the search box.

Last night I started 1966 by Denis Johnson which brought me back to the time when questions were being asked.

Still more to find.

Meanwhile will stuff it all into a suitcase and head up into the Hudson Valley this weekend. A change of venue may not change circumstance but certainly change perspective. Keeping my pen and notebook handy…

anker Der Gemeindeschreiber (The Parish Clerk)
Albert Anker, 1874

More by Albert Anker here

[h/t to Younger Niece for the book…came at the right time…]