Kate Brittain builds an online database of indie book sellers:

One thing that became apparent, as I clicked through a few thousand bookstore websites, was the diversity of their dispositions. Through some amalgamation of the places where they reside and the people who run them, they are fitted to their communities in a way Amazon will never be.

…as I entered name after name into the database, wandering virtually into every store I could discover between our shining seas, I ceased, slowly, to worry. A conviction took hold in my heart: that whatever the outcome of this corporate kerfuffle, the bookstores—and so, too, what they support: books and writers and their communities—will survive this perilous moment.

Unfortunately, the numbers and the news reports don’t allow for my dismissal of doom. They say this is the end of book culture as we know it—or: How could anyone fight Goliath? What I think is, if we give up now on the Black Bears of America (*an indie in Boone, NC), then we are doomed. But if we choose to believe in them, to support them, then how can they possibly disappear?

Visit Kate’s site at Better Places to Buy Books. Choices are broken down by state and if your favorite isn’t listed, just drop her an email. I wrote to her about DogEars Book Barn in Hoosick NY and she added it same day!

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Carl Spitzweg, 1850
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[h/t to Shelf Awareness for the lead in to the story…]