Don’t know why but I became obsessed with the cursive capital letter “G”

It was the middle of the night in the middle of a dream about baseball and cars. I suddenly became obsessed with the cursive capitals since I couldn’t remember how to make the “G”. I knew it had a loop at the top but didn’t remember where the rest of the letter went. I also knew that all the lines had to be connected in an elegant returning curve but the memory of it was gone. Now understand I haven’t used cursive since the 7th grade when I abandoned it in favor of block lettering. Not sure why I became the rebel with that cause – my handwriting wasn’t that bad and my marks in penmanship were worthy of note.

I remembered being challenged by my 7th grade social studies teacher, a severe man who wore the same brown suit, white shirt, patterned tie and thick black glasses every day when he stood with chalk in his hand at the blackboard lecturing us on history. I sat in the front – for behavioral reasons – and when he saw my blocky handwriting he stopped the class to lean over my binder.

“Why aren’t you writing in script?”, he demanded holding the chalk as if his weapon of choice.

I shrugged, as I usually did under pressure, and told him it was faster.

“You can’t keep up with me like that!” he said throwing the gauntlet down. I shrugged again which, in those days, was an infuriating gesture to anyone who stood in front of the room or at the head of the table.

“We’ll see,” he said and clicked his heels (or so I remember) and returned to the blackboard.

He started his lecture again, went on for a moment or two, then abruptly stopped.

Walking over to me with his weapon still in hand, he slid his glasses up onto his forehead, leaned down, and looked at my notebook.

Squinting his eyes, he stared at my handwriting, then stood up, harrumphed his glasses back on his nose, walked back to the blackboard, and never bothered me again.

And I never used cursive again.

But now, unnecessarily needed, decades later, I fought with the cursive letter “G”. The anxiety only became worse as I realized that I forgot the capital cursive for “H” as well. Then “D” disappeared. I remembered that “Q” was the oddest letter although the “F” may have been a stranger one. The magic of cursive was never lifting your hand off the page but how do you make an “F” or an “H” without doing that?

So the first thing I did this morning was try to find the cursive capital alphabet. It was a relief to see the letters again and yes, the “Q” was odd.

Yet the oddest letter by far was the capital “Z”.

But you knew that didn’t you…



Full cursive chart can be found here including instructive animation…even for the letter “Z”…

Full charts and practice sheets are here…you’re going to need them…