Cleaning out the basement the last few weeks getting the ol’ homestead ready for sale. Unearthed my old IBM Selectric hidden under books and yellowing freelance work. Haven’t plugged it in yet – still sitting on a table with its cord wrapped around the painted metal case. The Brunette wants me to put it out curbside but I’m still attached to it and the memories and relationships that came along with it. Including her.

I think that you never lose your romance with the keys and the sound that they made. Back in its day a visit to any office would provide the background clatter of key-strikes, zipper-like returns, and bangs of carriages to the start of the next line. It was the sound of work being done very unlike the tentative soft shoe of laptops you might be able to hear today.

There were no dropdown menus, no multiple windows to manage, no cat videos to distract you. Just the soft purr of the motor, the thoughts being carried out, the keys and type balls making their impressions on plain or linen based paper.

Worth remembering…if not revisiting…

typewriter puzzleA Visual Compendium of Typewriters Puzzle
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I’m trying…sorry Yoda…