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New Library In Moorestown, NJ Features Erroneous Latin Inscription

Moorestown, N.J. (CBSNewYork) They were literally set in stone, but words inscribed at a New Jersey library are changing nevertheless.

The brand new Moorestown Library features a medallion engraved in Latin reading, “Nos secundus coniecto omnia.”

Library planners thought the phrase meant “We confirm all things twice,” but in fact it means “We second guess all,” CBS 2 reported.

“We will pay to remove the entire medallion and reset a new one,” said architect Rick Ragan.

The words, however, weren’t the only problem. The date featured on the building is also incorrect.

It was supposed to read 1853, the year the library friends group was founded, but instead it reads 1653.

That will also be fixed.

The kicker – the Latin words were inscribed around an e-reader.

Gotta love it.