From designer Duncan Shotton – putting it on my list and checking it twice:

When we find something that’s important, inspiring, or just worth noting, it’s useful to flag the page for quick reference later.

The concept design for these sticky page markers came from thinking about what these flags could become not just as charming things on their own, but as a collection.

Use these paper post-its to bookmark pages containing important or lovely quotes, photos and sections of books, catalogs and documents, and create a miniature landscape as you go!

sticky page markers
Above is the New York pack that includes the Chrysler Building, the statue of liberty, the Empire State (including King Kong at the top), yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments

There are 10 different packs that contain 20 sheets of each of the markers within it. The markers are made from paper and use a gentle adhesive that won’t damage pages.

sticky marker

Go visit Duncan Shotton’s Kickstarter Page – choose from designs such as Tokyo (includes Godzilla), London, Hong Kong, and landscapes like Polar, Desert, and Ocean (including icebergs).

Beats using torn magazine corners, expired coupons, or at the risk of The Brunette’s wrath, a pen or pencil from the nightstand.

He also makes these incredibly unique Rainbow Pencils…maybe the shavings could be potential markers…go see…