Machines will soon be doing our writing for us – and Evan Selinger lays out the plan:

If you’ve bought books or music on Amazon, watched a film on Netflix or even typed a text message, then these mind-reading machines may have steered you to that choice by making recommendations.

These algorithmic mind readers are now turning to a new task: anticipating what you’re going to type next. It’s autocorrect on steroids, and promises to shape our behaviour in unexpected ways.

Last year, Apple introduced what it described as the next stage in this technology: QuickType, which is supposed to predict “what you’re likely to say next. No matter whom you’re saying it to.” Apple is so pleased with the product it says the tool yields “perfect suggestions.”

His forecast:

…by encouraging us not to think too deeply about our words, predictive technology may subtly change how we interact with one another. As communication becomes less of an intentional act, we give others more algorithm and less of ourselves.

– excerpted from “Will Autocomplete Make You Too Predictable?

Go read the article. We’re doomed…

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by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman