– excerpted from Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace [buy | borrow]

I kept coming back to this article and paragraph. Of course, I put it into the context of the story which was Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. I couldn’t immediately  grasp onto it possibly because of the complexity of the way it was written. But after three or four or five readings, I began putting it another context, a different container which in itself can also be limiting. Which is the very frustration and possibly false conclusions of what the paragraph points to.

I would guess it caters to my own fascination with traveling thru time. What particular thing, what behavior, what decision would I change? Yet I know that changing any one thing would cause a cascade of events that would change every other thing.

The beating of the wings of a butterfly…

Butterfly_effect_by_mathioleButterfly Effect
Matheus Lopes Castro (mathiole)