Just for fun – Hubspot’s opinion and flowchart on using that uppercase symbol:

…writers tend to get into trouble when we try to make punctuation do the job that words are supposed to do. Words are what we should use to get our readers excited about our content, not punctuation. That’s what language is for, after all.

The trouble is, words are hard work. Even professional writers struggle to find the right words when we want to persuade, to energize, to goad others into action. So it’s not too surprising that we often fall back on using punctuation to lend us a hand.

…exclamation marks are the biggest trap of them all. Overused all over the web, these hardworking little symbols are the smiley faces of the punctuation world. We rely on them far too heavily when what we really need to do is go back to our words and try to make them convey more precisely what we’re trying to say.

Don’t ask punctuation to do a word’s job, is what we’re saying.

Could’ve used a comma in that last sentence I think…

Here’s their handy little decision tree to help you along the writing road (click for larger):


I do use them from time to time…but much prefer the ellipsis myself…I make my own rules…