It’s dangerous enough to dig too deeply into the past. It’s been said that we usually bury the bad ones although those 3 AM trips can be rough. The one who, the time that. You’ve earned them all – both good and worse.

We’ve sold our house. Not an easy decision and one that wasn’t necessarily voluntary but necessary. So the past two months have been a period of consolidating, compressing, and uncovering. We’ve found things that had been hidden away in the attic, backs of drawers and impossibly deep in shallow closets. Things we put away over 27 years ago and had forgotten about. Maybe even older than that since we lugged them around in cartons from apartment to apartment each being buried further under the hoard.

We’re disassembling. The shelves are emptying out and the boxes are being piled up against the walls. It’s beginning to look like a place we’re leaving. That I think is the hardest part – the leaving behind. Yes, each closed door leads to an open one. But there’s still that closed door.

There’s a revision coming up – a reprint with changes and additions. We’ve got some pages to fill since we have a contract that still has a few years left to it. And that’s where it gets interesting. Those things we did put away so many years ago can be picked up again.

We’ll live in a smaller space with less opportunity to collect and hoard. That’s probably going to be the most difficult part. But somehow I think we’ll find a way…we do, after all, lean to the creative side…

moving day_tadgellMoving Day Surprise
written by Tina Stolberg
illustrations by Nicole Tadgell