Last Sunday, The Brunette, Belle, and I did a walk thru of our newly upcoming neighborhood.  The buildings where we’ll be living are built in between the main street running thru town and the bay. We weren’t looking for a water view and don’t really have it since we’re on the street side. But the primary attraction was that it was four-legged friendly. The owner – from a wealthy philanthropist family – is quite militant about this. We heard from one of our new neighbors that years ago you had to have a dog in order to rent an apartment there.

We parked down by a marina which also doubles as a public space with a small bandshell for summer concerts. It was still cold and overcast with snow covering anything green. Benches were lined up along the water’s edge which no doubt will be filled when the weather warms up. Belle chugged along the path getting her nose into every crevice and occasionally looking under the benches for future hideouts. We passed one couple with a small dog and both she and Belle sniffed cautiously until it was decided the timing wasn’t right. The humans were embarrassed at the lack of dogness.

It was early on a Sunday so the cluster of shops at the end of the marina were still closed. Next to an old fashioned ice cream and soda shop was a bait and tackle store offering rods n’ reels for rent. And for those who didn’t have the patience to wait until the shop was open:

frozen bailt
Choices ran from squid strips to frozen bunker to ‘Clam Kutz”. I guess branding is everywhere these days.

Small businesses ran along the street-side including carpet shops, restaurants, household supplies and an “integrative healing center”. A “For Rent” sign was hung in a shop window that was doubling as a small gallery with wood and metal works on display in a jumbled environment.

But the best part of the walk was what we found along the way on the bayside walk – the Little Free Library:

little free library PW

The hand lettered words on the blue-framed door read:

The more you read
the more you know
the more you learn
the more places you’ll go

I think we’re going to be quite comfortable here.

Belle is reserving judgement.