authors beget authors_3
– excerpted from The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving

Been an exhausting few days. The Brunette and I, along with the four-leggeds, left our house of 27 years (she argues 26 but I prefer the weight of the “7”) and moved to a small community of apartments a few miles away. We’re by a bay although can’t see it from our window – but a short walk with a leashed dog will get you to waterside. We were attracted here because of the pet friendly environment – rumor has it that the owner, a well known philanthropist, once wouldn’t allow you here unless you had a dog. The rules may have relaxed a bit but judging by the assortment wandering with their owners, this is a well established haven.

It’s Easter Sunday. With the sun just barely coming up, the newspaper delivery man is moving from building to building dropping blue wrapped bundles of the Sunday edition at apartment doors. Another is picking metallic color Easter eggs out of a plastic bag and placing them under bushes and along the edges of the lawn. The heat is tapping at the pipes while the air is coming in clean and cold from the water.

There’s still more work to be done, books to be read, and thoughts to tumble about. And cartons to unpack…

It’s going to be a good day.

the bookstoreA Bookstore
(Книжный магазин)
by David Burliuk (1882-1967)

[h/t to Biblioklept – expanded excerpt here…]