— Clementine Connolly spends most of her days reading. At the breakfast table, she reaches for her book much like an adult would reach for the morning newspaper. At night before going to sleep, she curls up in bed with another book. Yet, she’s not even 2 years old.

“I love books!” the 22-month-old toddler exclaimed.

Her mother confirmed that statement, explaining she reads the book as Clementine listens or Clementine identifies the words she knows.

“Books are her favorite toy,” Tabetha Connolly said.

Clementine, who turns 2 in June, is the first child to finish the Georgia Public Library System’s “1,000 Books B4 Kindergarten” program, which launched statewide Jan. 5. She is also one of the youngest participants.

Clementine’s love of books was apparent at an early age.

“One of her first words was ‘book’ or some rendition of it,” said Levi Connolly, Clementine’s father.

– from Gainesville toddler reads 1,000 books before age of 2,
The Telegraph, 5/3/2015

The Kid definitely stays in the movie.

Clementine and familyLevi and Tabetha Connolly read to their daughter Clementine at their home…
Clementine’s favorite toys are books
[photo: Erin O. Smith/The Times]