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– excerpted from A.J. Liebling’s essay “Ahab and Nemesis (Rocky Marciano
vs. Archie Moore)”, The New Yorker, October 1955
Found in The New Yorker collection, The 50s: The Story of a Decade

bellows club nightClub Night
George Bellows, artist

Note – For those who want to know, Bovril was developed in the 1870’s by John Lawson Johnston and sold primarily in the UK. According to the University of Cambridge Research News,” Johnston saw the potential for a beef extract with added protein…made by heating carcasses of cattle and reducing the liquids that came off into a residue which was mixed with powdered dried meat.” As a decades old brand, Bovril ” still boasts iconic status in the public imagination” and “encapsulated notions of health and energy, stamina and stoicism.”

Think I’ll take a pass…