…and at least one good day of sun…

colville_couple on a beach 2Couple on Beach
Alex Colville 1957
casein tempera on masonite

About the artist:

Colville worked within the traditions of artistic realism throughout his career, albeit overlaid with a stylization that was often disturbingly unreal. His extraordinarily fine renderings have invited such designations as magic-realist, super-realist or even photo-realist, but his simplified figures and settings belong as much to the traditions of the Precisionists in the US during the 1920s and 1930s, who were characterized by their highly controlled approach and use of clearly outlined and simple forms with plain surfaces and minimal detail. (from The Veiled Art of Alex Colville)

This painting is classic Colville: an uncertain scene that raises questions about intimacy and relationships as the artist turns our view to a private moment between two people. As with many of his works, Colville bases these figures on himself and his wife, Rhoda. It is tempting to see this as a portrait of husband and wife. But these figures, their faces obscured, could also be any couple, on any beach, at any time…Exploring issues of trust, both works blur the lines between truth and fiction by calling attention to how we see, how we remember and how we love. (from Welcome to Colville)