via Adobe Create magazine:

Illustrator Steeven Salvat’s work is inspired by old black-and-white etchings, but he gives the style a modern twist. He loves to draw with a Rotring pen and china ink—a technique he started employing four years ago…

“I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and marine creatures,” says Salvat, who grew up in the French Riviera town of Menton. And it was this interest in sea creatures that led him to create the series Mechanical / Biological [A Crustacean Study]

“For the biological aspect of the crustaceans, I studied a lot of photos,” he says. “The mechanical aspect is completely made up to follow the shape of the subject; it’s the most challenging part of my drawings.”

He adds, “I don’t place the gears randomly. Instead, I try to generate a layout that might possibly work as a mechanism.

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