I’ll Make it Alright, 2017
Will Martyr, artist
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From the gallery site:

At once recalling Bauhaus, Surrealism, Futurism, David Hockney, Pop Art and Russian Intourist posters of the 1930s, Martyr’s paintings present hyperreal depictions of infinity pools, postcard-perfect mountains and luxury residences. Seductive yet unsettling, they are reminiscent of the glossy and pristine images of architectural, interior design or holiday magazines. Eerily devoid of human presence, the viewer is free to construct their own version of reality and the story behind the setting. With titles such as I’LL MAKE IT ALRIGHT (2017), BEAUTIFUL WIFE (2017), and EVERYTHING IS GOLDEN (2016) the paintings present the same allure of advertising and branding, inviting the viewer into the painting, yearning to experience the hidden interiors depicted.