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Frida Kahlo – photographed by Nickolas Muray
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The back story

In addition to her own painted portrayals, contemporaneous photographers often employed Kahlo as the subject of their photographs, which were typically shot in traditional black-and-white film. From 1937 to 1946, however, photographer Nickolas Muray shot a series of polychromatic photos that expertly captured the colorful spirit of the artist.

In 1931, Muray and Kahlo met in Mexico. For the following 10 years, they engaged in an on-again, off-again romantic relationship that culminated in both a lifelong friendship and a beautiful collection of personal portraits. “Photography, fortunately, to me has not only been a profession but also a contact between people – to understand human nature and record, if possible, the best in each individual,” Muray aptly explained.