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Joanna Sierko Filipowska, artist
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More on the artist here with link to full portfolio

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Bold eagle © Klaus Nigge, Germany.
Finalist 2017, Animal Portraits. From Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
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The back story from Lens Culture:

After several days of constant rain, the bald eagle was soaked to the skin. Named after its conspicuous but fully-feathered white head (bald derives from an old word for white), it is an opportunist, eating various prey—captured, scavenged or stolen—with a preference for fish. At Dutch Harbor on Amaknak Island in Alaska, USA, bald eagles gather to take advantage of the fishing industry’s leftovers. Used to people, the birds are bold. “I lay on my belly on the beach surrounded by eagles,” says Klaus. “I got to know individuals, and they got to trust me.”

The back story:

Born in 1946 in Aurora, Illinois, Hettinger began drawing around the age of 8. His subjects were T.V. and movie cowboys. At age 13, he was given a set of oil paints by Mike Spencer, a local artist who ran the barber shop across from St. Joe’s School where Hettinger was a student. Formal art training began at the American Academy of Art in Chicago under Joseph Van Den Brouck.

Every painting for Hettinger is a present experience in which he is reliving a past experience. Even his still-life’s hold personal memories for him. His mother was a gardener who loved to save plants from the summer by bringing them into the house over the winter. Window sills were filled with potted plants. Now his paintings are of those potted plants sitting on the window sill with a landscape out the window.


Oscar Alvarez, artist
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The beauty of natural geometry from Cristóbal Vila – add some sound and size:

More about the artist at Etérea Studios

it’s Frida(y)!

All photos from our tour of The Arts Center in Troy NY. More about the artist, Betsy Gorman, can be found here at the Burnt Barn Studio..






March, the 8th day
oil on canvas, 2012
Carmel Georgescu, artist
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The back story from his mentor (roughly translated from the original Romanian):

How can God tell us how beautiful His creation is? Through the painting! And the one who can “talk” with Him is filled with Love, puts on his easel and canvas and with sensibility…colors as his heart says. And if he had a name, the one who does this would say to him: Carmel Georgescu. We will see in the evolution of the painter everything that the Creator has to say to us, because only a soul connected to the primordial wave can do that. Success in reaching the final spheres!
– Painter Cristian Crihan, Iasi, Romania, 2009

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Frida Kahlo – photographed by Nickolas Muray
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The back story

In addition to her own painted portrayals, contemporaneous photographers often employed Kahlo as the subject of their photographs, which were typically shot in traditional black-and-white film. From 1937 to 1946, however, photographer Nickolas Muray shot a series of polychromatic photos that expertly captured the colorful spirit of the artist.

In 1931, Muray and Kahlo met in Mexico. For the following 10 years, they engaged in an on-again, off-again romantic relationship that culminated in both a lifelong friendship and a beautiful collection of personal portraits. “Photography, fortunately, to me has not only been a profession but also a contact between people – to understand human nature and record, if possible, the best in each individual,” Muray aptly explained. 


…time to shine a light on it and get moving…

Robert Duvall
Duane Michals, photographer
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[…quote excerpted from Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals…]


The Painter in his Workshop
Adriaen van Ostade, 1663
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© Bill Israel

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