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Incidental Comics
by Grant Snider
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LOL Alternatives, 2012
Oil on canvas
Scott Reeder, artist

via artnet auctions

Scott Reeder (American, b. 1970) received his BFA from University of Iowa (1994), and his MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago (1998)…highly regarded for his humorous and tongue-in-cheek works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture and video.
LOL Alternatives the artist takes a stab at creating his own imaginative, alternative acronyms, most of which relate solely to his own studio practice or other curiosities.


Vita brevis, ars longa, occasio praeceps…Life is short, art is long, opportunity fleeting:

Wendy MacNaughton, illustrator—Courtney E. Martin, writer

The background via Brain Pickings:

… this vitalizing call for creative resilience began in response to the political turmoil of 2016, which left so many so dispirited. Hungry for a counterpoint to the despair and apathy of the cultural climate, Martin and MacNaughton created one themselves. Written shortly after Leonard Cohen’s death, the manifesto ends with a tender homage to his famous clarion call for democracy.

Three versions of the poster are available online — red, white, and blue, black and white, and rainbow — with all proceeds donated to Hedgebrook, a rural writing residency for women, whose alumnae include Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Dani Shapiro, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Sarah Jones.



Get busy. Now.

Tuesday 2 PM
oil on canvas
Alicia Crespo, artist

View more at her gallery site






The Kickstarter campaign has begun for the Frida Kahlo Action Figure:

If funding is successful, delivery will be around September 2017. Make your donations and put in your early orders here…maybe even double up with the Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure with a detachable ear!

Madame Schröedinger’s Cat, 1998
Duane Michals, photographer

From the series, Quantum, via Carnegie Museum of Art


From an interview with artist etc. Duane Michals:

Q. You’re in your eighties now and still full of vitality. You’re eager to make art, to publish books, and to try new things. Do your ideas get more focused as you grow older?

A. Yes, they do. What poetry is all about is paying attention to subtle details. Great art is paying attention to the things that are lost. When you are young, emotions are much broader; there’s that “anywhere you go, I will go with you” mentality. As you get older, it becomes more like tea that steeps for a long time and gets richer. That’s the sublime quality of life.

“I am an expressionist and by that I mean I’m not
a photographer or a writer or a painter or a tap dancer,
but rather someone who expresses himself according to his needs.”
– Duane Michals

…in case you needed a reminder…

Salvador Dalí with Babou the ocelot and his cane, c. 1965
(Photograph by Roger Higgins, World Telegram)

More Dalí etc. at Saatchi blog Canvas

From visual artist, Jess X. Snow:

Snow was born in Canada to parents who immigrated from China after the Cultural Revolution. When she was six, her parents divorced, and her mother moved with Snow to the United States. Those two splits—from her country and family of origin—left indelible marks of pain on the young girl. As a result, she developed a stutter, which made her turn deeper inward.

And then, at 10 years old, she discovered art. “I would stay up nights writing poetry or drawing my own surreal dreamscapes,” Snow recalls. “Everything was unstable, and art was the only way I could define a future for myself that was free of borders and free of the trauma of my past. I could cultivate my own voice without the fear of what people would say or that I would stutter.”

Full back story is here

via My Modern Met:

Taken in the 1920s, the photos present Kahlo—who was born in 1907—as a young woman…these rare, earlier photographs help us to fill in the gaps and and see the artist like we’ve never seen her before.


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