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Incidental Comics
by Grant Snider
[click image for more]
Tundra Comics
by Chad Carpenter
Non Sequitir
by Wiley Miller


…let’s not get overexcited..

by Jim Davis


…had to happen…

Blondie by Dean Young


bizarro-10_26_16Bizarro comic by Dan Piraro

*Marx Brothers version here

I started out my professional career with a red pencil in my hand at a law book publisher, working on stacks of galleys and page proofs. I had no knowledge of the law but an intuitive knowledge of proper grammar and spelling as well as a bit of an OCD compulsion. It was a winning combination.

Here’s an update on an editor’s favorites from Illustrator Grant Snider:

proofreaders-marks_sniderMore stuff here…have a go…

garfield-10_16_16Garfield by Jim Davis


by Patrick McDonnell

Let’s try and stay out of trouble today…at least one of us has a chance…

© Bill Israel

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