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I can see the weekend from my house!

marsder san juan islandsSan Juan Islands       © Derrick Lin

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[found at Derrick Lin’s,  1:87/tiny moments of agency life…go visit…]



sunday choiceOn the road…..

Car bumper philosophy…the way we choose our leaders these days…humbug…

ledeckyKatie Ledecky   
Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times

Artwork from the NY Times article, The Phenom, about Katie Ledecky, Olympic contender…this Sunday’s Olympics issue…

The struggle for time continues…

oxford circusTongue at Oxford Circus        © Bob Mazzer

Second week into new job…deep in the woods…posting light…

[more on photographer Bob Mazzer here]

…time to make some choices…

this or this_2

[h/t to thisisnthappiness…of course…]

…back on Friday…off the grid for a few…


…and the team is waiting…so let’s roll…

hells-angels-irving-pennHells Angels (San Francisco), 1967.
Irving Penn – Look magazine, January of 1968.

Power. That’s what it feels like when we ride in. On a three day weekend, we might have one-fifty, two-hundred bikes out on a run. People all get excited when they see us coming, and– I don’t know– it’s beautiful.

You know what it is, it’s a mind-blower. They come around with movie cameras. It’s really beautiful.

My brothers– that’s my whole life.  My brothers.  That’s all I’ve got.

Look magazine, January, 1968

[Note – the Look building, at Madison Avenue and 51st street in NYC, is where me and the Brunette first met. It’s also where Dylan recorded “The Times They Are a-Changin.” The building was also declared a landmark in 2010. For at least two excellent reasons. Just thought you’d like to know some additional historical references…]


garfield 2Garfield by Jim Davis

McDermott quote 3

Alice Mcdermott

© Bill Israel

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