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…let’s not get too hung up on the morning papers…you know what’s in ’em…

Greenwich Village, NYC
Craig Bagno (aka Bagnostian), photographer
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…and we’re dancing thru…

Jacqueline Roque teaching Pablo Picasso ballet
photo by David Douglas Duncan
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The photographer speaks about his photo sessions with Picasso:

 “One day when I was there, someone asked him which period of his work he liked best, the blue period, the rose period, cubism and so on. Picasso stretched out his hand, his fingers splayed, and answered: ‘Well, which of these five fingers do you prefer? Personally, I need all of them.'”

This Magic Moment – Jared Yamahata, artist
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The back story (via Society 6):

Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn’t beat the *crap* out of him. We wouldn’t have blamed her. What he’d done was sneaky, rotten, and low… and cool. Not another one among us would have ever in a million years even for a million dollars have the guts to put the move on the lifeguard. He did. He had kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good. We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, right over at Squints, and smiled.



seen at Altamira, Islip NY

…and the Dallas Museum of Art  goes for the Guinness World Record for largest gathering of Frida Kahlo look-alikes:





[Seen at Altamira Gallery, Islip NY….]

…let’s get this started…

rhymes with orange
by Hilary Price


High Noon, 1949
Edward Hopper
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“Edward Hopper’s figures are often alone, staring out of a window, sitting at a café table or standing on the porch of a New England house looking out at the ocean. High Noon is such a picture: an anonymous woman is seen in the doorway although we have no idea why. Is she waiting for someone? Or simply looking out on the day?”

It’s your day…now…

for the New Yorker
Joe Dator, cartoonist

From an interview with the cartoonist:

What would your advice be to budding cartoonists?

There is a topical cream that can stop the budding. Apply twice a day. As far as the cartooning goes, there isn’t a cure. What’s helped me is having no known ability to do anything else, so if you have that you’re in good shape. I would also say don’t take my advice, because there are no rules. Ask yourself “Is this the cartoon I wanted to draw? Is this the way I wanted to draw it?” and if the answer is yes to both of those questions, then that’s about all you can do.

You get the idea. Now go get it done.




LOL Alternatives, 2012
Oil on canvas
Scott Reeder, artist

via artnet auctions

Scott Reeder (American, b. 1970) received his BFA from University of Iowa (1994), and his MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago (1998)…highly regarded for his humorous and tongue-in-cheek works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture and video.
LOL Alternatives the artist takes a stab at creating his own imaginative, alternative acronyms, most of which relate solely to his own studio practice or other curiosities.


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