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Salvador Dalí with Babou the ocelot and his cane, c. 1965
(Photograph by Roger Higgins, World Telegram)

More Dalí etc. at Saatchi blog Canvas

From visual artist, Jess X. Snow:

Snow was born in Canada to parents who immigrated from China after the Cultural Revolution. When she was six, her parents divorced, and her mother moved with Snow to the United States. Those two splits—from her country and family of origin—left indelible marks of pain on the young girl. As a result, she developed a stutter, which made her turn deeper inward.

And then, at 10 years old, she discovered art. “I would stay up nights writing poetry or drawing my own surreal dreamscapes,” Snow recalls. “Everything was unstable, and art was the only way I could define a future for myself that was free of borders and free of the trauma of my past. I could cultivate my own voice without the fear of what people would say or that I would stutter.”

Full back story is here

via My Modern Met:

Taken in the 1920s, the photos present Kahlo—who was born in 1907—as a young woman…these rare, earlier photographs help us to fill in the gaps and and see the artist like we’ve never seen her before.


via My Modern Met:

…as Ukrainian designers HoleRoll demonstrate, modern blinds for windows can transcend their practicality and double as spectacular shadow art for your home. They’ve created panels that, when closed, create the illusion of glittering cityscapes at night.

The unique window blinds have tiny shapes cut out to let pockets of light shine through. It’s the negative space, however, that brings the design to life by mimicking the form of bustling landscapes. For someone who lives outside of a city, the modern decor brings a touch of the urban indoors—without all the congestion or noise.

There are times when I don’t mind the congestion and noise. At night, I can’t sleep in a perfectly quiet room…always keep the window cracked open a bit to allow in the occasional suburban traffic sounds…small bits of light…


…choices to be made…

outside art installations
Michael Pederson aka Miguel Marquez

via City Lab:

“I think we travel through urban space without really seeing it most of the time,” says Michael Pederson, a Sydney-based street artist whose work plays on the official signage that mutely surrounds city life. “I like the idea of interfering with the overly familiar background blur … Ideally with something a passerby might see out of the corner of an eye.”



from Streetlife series
Robert Evans, artist

From his gallery site:

Robert Evans has exhibited traditional oil painting in galleries on the east and west coasts. His studio is located in Mill Valley, California where he has held one man shows. He also exhibits at the Sausalito Art Festival.



From their upcoming new album, Amar y Vivir (Love and Live):

via NPR’s review:

The Grammy-winning Mexican-American roots band La Santa Cecilia journeys into the heart of Mexico for what might be its greatest adventure yet: recording a gorgeous new visual album, Amar Y Vivir. Ditching the studio to record at 12 different locations in and around Mexico City, the band captures the spirit of the music in its natural habitat. Its members pay tribute to Mexican culture with the traditional sounds of boleros and rancheras, while subtly blending their American influences into the songs.

In the album’s title track, vocalist La Marisoul (Marisol Hernandez) puts listeners into a romantic trance with her slow-tempo interpretation of a timeless bolero. While it has been covered by many Latin artists, she makes this love song her own with her deep, alto voice and certain personal touches, like the hint of a raspy growl at the end of the first stanza and a bluesy finish.

Where I first heard them…KCET Online/Artbound Studio A…Marisol is magnificent! Enjoy!

greenwich village, nyc
photo © Craig Bagno (bagnostian)

Working from home these days…missing the pack…following the muse…

– excerpt from Passages from the American Note-books of Nathaniel Hawthorne
entry dated May 1st, 1841

[h/t to Biblioklept for the lead in…]

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by Jim Davis


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